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Rosa Pacific VerySix  6seconds Kissing Lip Gloss 變色潤唇膏 10ml
Rosa Pacific VerySix 6seconds Kissing Lip Gloss 變色潤唇膏 10ml
銷售價: HKD18.00
切換貨幣: HKD港幣 US$美元




韓國化妝品可以說是領引國際潮流。種類多樣化之餘,效果及功能可以說是不斷創新。繼BB霜後,CC霜及CC氣墊粉餅自動調色的效果更顛覆整個美容界。現在連唇蜜也可自動調色。韓國Verysix  6秒透明變色唇蜜,塗上後會根據唇部的溫度及PH值產生顏色的變化,每個人變色效果不同,只需6秒鐘就能讓雙唇呈現水嫩質感。









Use and opening period after expiry:

Before opening 6 months after opening 30 months


How to use;

After an appropriate amount of the goods taken cleanly trimmed lips Apply evenly to the entire lip.


Precautions for use;

1) If you use cosmetics or more of the following stops are to be used, if you continue to use the symptoms worse, so will consult a dermatologist. A) Use of redness, swelling, itching, etc. If you experience irritation, b) if there is more than the above areas by applying direct sunlight. 2) areas that have cuts, at least in part with eczema and dermatitis, the Do not use. 3) Precautions for storage and handling. A) After use, be sure to put the cap closed, b) Keep out of the hands of infants and children can not reach, c) the place where high or low temperatures and direct sunlight touches the horse will not keep.



Polybutene, octyldodecanol, di-isostearyl malate, hexahydro old paint on a tree, the tree -2 polyglyceryl isostearate, Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, beeswax, silica, di-methyl silyl acrylate, Toko tocopheryl acetate, fragrance, propolis extract, royal jelly extract, argan tree kernel oil, jojoba seed oil, Red No. 218

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